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Informieren Sie sich hier über alles rund um das Team. Lesen Sie die neuesten Presseberichte von den Rennen und Infos zu den neuesten Aktivitäten vom Team, schauen wer als Fahrer dabei ist und welche Autos bei welchen Serien eingesetzt werden.
Nach den Rennen werden im Multimediabereich die neuesten Bilder und Videos gezeigt.

Das Adrenalin Motorsport Team wünscht viel Spaß beim stöbern!

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Good news from hell: the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS) will have new appeal for the 2021 season.

The BMW M2 CS Racing, the new entry-level car in the BMW M Customer Racing range, will compete in its own one-make cup on the Nordschleife. The BMW M2 CS Racing Cup is set to replace the popular BMW M240i Racing Cup, which has been extremely successful over the years.

We could test the „new kid on the block“ during the 24h race this year and are exciting to have this in our line-up for 2021 as well besides the M240iR and our SP10 champion the M4 GT4. 😉
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A trophy dedicated only to the teams: The NIMEX Team Trophy 🏆

Again the Pixum CFN Team Adrenalin Motorsport was very successful with another four trophies 🤩

All winners of the NIMEX Team Trophy at a glace:
SP3 – Pit Lane – AMC Sankt Vith
SP3T – Max Kruse Racing
SP7 – rent2drive-FAMILIA-racing
SP9 Am – Hella Pagid – racing one
SP9 Pro – Walkenhorst Motorsport
SP10 – Pixum CFN Team Adrenalin Motorsport
V4 – Pixum CFN Team Adrenalin Motorsport
V5 – Pixum CFN Team Adrenalin Motorsport
VT2 – Pixum CFN Team Adrenalin Motorsport


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🎉 Celebration week – CUP5 we had a blast! 💪🏼

We finish our long list of great successes this year with the M240i Racing Cup teams.

We started in that class since the beginning and are very proud to also be successful in the last season of CUP5.

With the BMW M240i Racing Cup @david.griessner and @yannick.fuebrich_motorsport (our last year’s champions) could gain the runner up title this year together with @francesco_thor_nelson and youngster @sindresetsaas

As you know the fights in this class are tight and we missed a bit of luck to get the first place but like to congrats our long-term „rival“ Sorg Motorsport for their championship win.

Sindre Setsaas in his first year racing with us could also gain second position in the VLN-Junior-Trophy. 🥈

Victory 🥇 goes out to our gents in the Gentlemen Trophy: Stephan Kruse and Einar Thorsen!

Normally, Charles Oakes would form the trio here but as he missed out some points due to technical issues he unfortunately could not win this title. We are still very proud of you and for us in our hearts you are the champion!

In the BMW M240i Racing Cup also @roland_froese_motorsport could make a good impression.
He ends the season on forth position in this class drivers standings.

Last but not least we like to thank the BMW Group, especially BMW Motorsport for their professional and family style support over all those years.
You have given us a great car for junior and amateur drivers to get a nice entry into motorsports. CUP5 has been a figurehead in the VLN/NLS and granted us great fights and wins.

But if one door closes another one will open and we are happy to compete in the new M2 CS Racing class next year!

Many thanks for the great time – we had a blast!
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🎉 Celebration week – V6 Champion 🏆

The overall Corona situation made it not easy for the international driver line-up to come together without hick-ups.

But we are super happy that it was possible for the crew to gain equal points for the championship.

The #396 Nexen Tires Porsche Cayman S with the drivers Christian Büllesbach, Carlos Arimon, Ulrich Korn and Andreas Schettler, could achieve the V6 champions title after a consistent season.

The title therefore is not only celebrated by the drivers but by the entire team. Well done guys!
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🎉 Celebration week – V5 Champion 🏆

Our already very successful team on the #444 PIXUM Porsche Cayman also got the favorite role again this year.

The perfect and well-synced trio Daniel Zils, Norbert Fischer and Oskar Sandberg was as well the ultimative weapon again this year after all the successes over the last ones.
They rocked the V5 and received the Champion title as well gained forth position in this VLN production class.

We celebrate together with the crew and are proud to have such a killer combination for title wins in our team!
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🎉 Celebration week – V4 & Production Class Champion 🏆

Christopher Rink, Danny Brink and Philipp Leisen seem to have a passion for collections besides their motorsport enthusiasm! 🤪
The well-paired team who worked together over the last couple of years were not satisfied with just one title, nope – they liked to have three!

The trio won the production class championship with their #701 PIXUM BMW 325i E90 in V4 as they finished all five races on P1 and therefore also gained the class victory in such a competitive field!

Amazing achievement and we are curious to see what the boys want to put on their collection shelves next year!

We are very proud of them and again congrats to such an awesome trophy collection! 👏🏼
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#pixumcfnteamadrenalinmotorsport #adrenalinmotorsport #champion #bmwmotorsport #nls #nring #nürburgringlangstreckenserie #greatteam #fantasticteam #competitive #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #v4 #classvictory #amazing #pixum #greatdrivers #team #racers #pureracers #bigachievement #bmw325ie90 #productionclasschampion

🎉 Celebration week – VT2 Champion 🏆

Given the fact that we started over the winter with the complete setup of two new VT2 cars on a competitive level, the pressure was high.
Moreover, we are super happy that the development and hard work paid off with top drivers to get us this title.

A great debut with our new Mainhattan-Wheels BMW 330i G20.

With @robert_vanhusen we are having the champion in this class which is due to his great consistency throughout the year (although he had changing driver colleagues). He made his way through this tough field.

On top @philipp.stahlschmidt who changed from the V4 class into this new one also formed a strong team together with @chris.rink
Long time they even led the class with three victories and were on the top front of the NLS overall standings.

With this great team effort we are looking forward to next year!
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#pixumcfnteamadrenalinmotorsport #adrenalinmotorsport #champion #bmwmotorsport #nls #nring #nürburgringlangstreckenserie #greatteam #fantasticteam #competitive #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #vt2 #classvictory #exciting #mainhattanwheels #greatdrivers #team #racers #pureracers #bigachievement #bmwg20 #bmw330ig20

🎉 Celebration week – SP10 Champion 🏆

This week we would like celebrate with you and our drivers all successes we could achieve in this 2020 season.

Our last years overall champions @yannick.fuebrich_motorsport and @david.griessner were joined by our newbie @_florian.naumann_ and with great performance in one of the harder top classes at the Nürburgring, they could achieve the SP10 GT4 champions title.

With three wins and two second places they could fight their way through even if that meant to drive the last meters on three wheels. So luck this year was on our side this year of course but also hard work pays off in the end when you have great people behind the scenes with car chiefs, pit stop teams and race engineers.

Many thanks to all class opponents for those close fights and exciting races!
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NLS Test- und Einstellfahrten

Adrenalin Motorsport
Die Geschichte von Adrenalin-Motorsport beginnt im Jahr 2009. „Teamchef Matthias Unger“ war vorher drei Jahre lang bei einem anderen Team, mit dem er 2008 VLN-Meister wurde. Dann war es an der Zeit ein eigenes Team zu gründen. Dafür gab es verschiedene Gründe so Unger:
„Ich habe gar nicht daran gedacht, dass ich irgendwann so ein Team haben werde, wie es heute der Fall ist. Das war nie das Ziel. Das Ziel war, selbst zu fahren.“
Angefangen hat er mit zwei Autos, mit einem BMW Z4 3.0si und einem BMW E90 325i. Dann hat sich das stetig entwickelt. Jedes Jahr kam ein Rennwagen dazu. Bis heute ist Matthias Unger der Marke BMW treu geblieben und setzt mittlerweile 3 BMW E90 325i in der Klasse V4 und 5 BMW M235i Racing Cup in der Cup 5 ein. Um in der Klasse V5 konkurrenzfähig zu bleiben, blieb dem Team nichts anderes übrig als 2016 einen Porsche Cayman 981 einzusetzen. 2017 kam ein zweiter Porsche Cayman 981 hinzu und 2018 gesellte sich ein Porsche Cayman S für die Klasse V6 und ein BMW M4 GT4 zu dem Fuhrpark. Für 2020 hast sich Adrenalin Motorsport neue Ziele gesetzt, das Team wird mit 2 neuen BMW G20 330i in der Klasse VT2 antreten. Nachdem Adrenalin-Motorsport im Jahr 2009 den 3.Platz in der Teamwertung der BMW Sports Trophy erreicht hat, konnte das Team ab 2014 viermal in Folge den Titel „Weltbestes BMW Privat Team“ in der BMW Sports Trophy einfahren. Neben vielen, vielen Klassensiegen, konnten auch mehrere Titel wie z.B. RCN Team Meister 2015 bis 2017, BMW M235i Racing Cup Team und Fahrer Champion 2014, Produktionswagenmeister 2017, VLN Vizemeister 2017 und einige mehr eingefahren werden. Mittlerweile schaut das Team auch über den Tellerrand der VLN und versucht sich in anderen Rennserien wie z.B. BMW DMV Challenge, NES500. 2019 steht die European GT4 Series und die Creventic 24h Series auf dem Plan.
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Fakten Adrenalin Motorsport


Adrenalin pur | Als Co-Pilot im Rennwagen

Adrenalin-Renntaxi – Mit den Profis im Renntaxi über den Nürburgring

Seien Sie nicht länger nur Zuschauer, sondern Teil des Motorsports auf dem Nürburgring. Erleben Sie bei Adrenalin-Renntaxi eine Achterbahnfahrt ohne Schienen und Motorsport zum Anfassen im Adrenalin-Renntaxi!

Bei unserem Motorsport-Erlebnis blicken Sie hinter die Kulissen des Motorsports. Schauen Sie den Mechanikern über die Schulter während sie die Rennwagen für das Training vorbereiten oder führen PS und Benzingespräche mit unseren Fahrern.

Als Highlight wartet eine Runde als Beifahrer in einem echten Rennwagen über den 24km langen Nürburgring auf Sie. Während des freien Trainings zur VLN Langstrecken Meisterschaft Nürburgring jagen an die 200 Rennwagen über den Nürburgring und Sie sind mittendrin. Unsere erfahrensten Rennfahrer wie z.B. Daniel Zils, David Griessner, Yannick Fübrich oder der VLN Meister von 2008 Matthias Unger werden Sie über die Grand Prix Strecke und die Nordschleife pilotieren.

Keine Chance das Rennen live vor Ort zu sehen?